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Faking Manipal

MU hostels to make Justin Bieber alarm tones compulsory

After receiving numerous complaints from hostel inmates about the alarm tone disturbance from the rooms of heavy sleepers, MU has set up a committee to look into this problem. The

Faking Manipal

Moral Police Target Manipal: Mannequins beaten, burnt and Molested!

The moral police has spread its fangs to the university town of Manipal now. Yesterday a group of people, claiming affiliation to an outfit called Bandi Jagarana Vedike, attacked a

Faking Manipal

New ManipalBlog Study Proves Manipalites are Highly Pissed off!

An Indian team of doctors recently developed a color wheel that they say can be used to decide if mood affects color choice. The wheel, known as the “Wasseypur Color