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Faking Manipal Featured

Tiwari Chat Bhayya Joins AAP; To Contest Lok Sabha Poll from Udupi- Chikamagalur

Aam Aadmi Party makes a jump-start in Manipal with Tiwari Chat Bhayya joining it today. He runs ‘Tiwari Chat’ fast food chain here and is very popular among students. The

Faking Manipal Featured

Satya Nadella Effect: Internet Explorer made default browser at MIT Manipal

MIT Manipal has decided to honor its most popular alumnus and the current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella by making ‘Internet Explorer as default browser’ compulsory for all its students. The

Faking Manipal Featured

DeeTee to open Branch in Bangalore

DeeTee, the legendary bar in Manipal, will soon have its Manipal-themed branch in Bangalore. It will be located in Koramangala locality. The move comes in the wake of intense pressure