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MIT faculty vandalize students’ belongings

Broken Electronic Items of Students of 10th Block
Broken Electronic Items of Students of 10th Block

In what could be first ever instance of its kind in Manipal, a group of MIT faculty barged into the rooms of students and vandalized their belongings mercilessly. The incident happened in the evening hours of Monday at tenth block of MIT hostels.

The victims are the students who played truant during the third day(Saturday) of first sessionals. This is seen as retaliation from college after some students vandalized college property when there was power blackout on the Thursday night.

Students in the block watched helplessly as the faculty destroyed all their goods before them. Broken shards of electronic items like ipods,cameras,cell phones etc.. were seen strewn across the floor.

Vindicating the actions of faculty, chief warden of MIT hostels,said ,”These students mindlessly vandalized hostel property when there was power outage due to rain. This is not at all expected from students in a reputed institute like MIT. We want to teach a befitting lesson to them in their own language . So we are targeting students who bunked the exams even after having no power blackouts.We will also target those students who will score less than 60% in the exams conducted on Saturday.”

One of the Faculty on conditions of anonymity, said, “These students damaged the college property. Yet, they justify their behaviour on various prominent Blogs, by arguing that they are not criminals. Tell me, would you allow any drunk/distraught or troubled human being to visit your house and create a ruckus? Would you allow him to damage your home or property? Isn’t that a criminal act? “. He further added, “Look, we do not intend any harm to the students, but they have to realise they can’t get away with damaging college property!”

Earlier on thursday,some students in the tenth block went on a rampage as there was power outage due to rain because of which their preparation for the next day’s exam was disrupted for over three hours.The issue settled after acting chief Warden sprang into action and threatened the students with dire consequences.


Note: The author of this article condemns the mindless vandalism of his fellow students in strongest terms. He feels they should have maintained some restraint at that time.

P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, didn’t you ? This Faking news item is a guest post, sent in to us via email. The Author wishes to remain anonymous.

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