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Former England captain blames Poonam Pandey for series defeat: Is it Cricket?

A controversial former England skipper, Gasser Ussain, claimed that he saw “Poonam Pandey in Team India players’ eyes” .

He made this remark after Thursday’s third ODI match between England and India in which India trounced England by 5 wickets. Ensconced in the NEO TV studio during post-match analysis, he said: “Today I have observed some strange spark in Ajinkya Rahane’s  eyes. When I saw carefully, I have observed this lady Poonam Pandey in them. Not believing myself, I have checked some other players when the camera zoomed in on their eyes…Trust me,all of them have Poonam Pandey in their eyes. Seems like Poonam Pandey‘s ‘boost’ worked for Team India.”

Poonam Pandey is a 19-year-old model and a self-styled cricket fan who posted her sensual videos on her website to inspire beleaguered Team India after their disastrous England tour.Ever since then India is on winning spree and the model took credit for it.

The ex-captain’s  latest comment is likely to lead to another controversy. Earlier,the same person had called Indian players donkeys while commenting on their fielding skills which lead to huge outrage in India.

Meanwhile,another former England captain, Michael Vaughan, came in support of Gasser’s comments. He tweeted,”Just came to know about Gasser’s comments…How true!!! I have seen some other lady as well in Dhoni’s eyes. Dunno her name..seen her in RCB outfits with Vijay Mallya. Can any1 lemme know?” He later confirmed that the lady is Deepika Padukone after his followers tweeted her name.

 But his tweet has not gone down well with Indian cricket fans. They ridiculed Michael Vaughan on twitter by calling him “Digvijay Singh of cricket”.

P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, din’t you ?

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