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Desperate Deccan Chargers to be Led by VVS Laxman for Rest of the IPL

With no hope of making it to play-offs, the despondent and dispirited Deccan Chargers team have decided to reinstate VVS Laxman as captain for the rest of the IPL  in a bid to win the Royal Challenge Fair Play Award. The move comes after the team’s loss to the Delhi Daredevils today. The Deccan Chargers are languishing at the bottom of the Indian Premier League after winning only 2 of the thirteen games they’ve played this season.

VVS Laxman said he was happy to be a part of IPL 5.

At a press conference arranged after the game at the Rajiv Gandhi Cricket stadium in Uppal, Hyderabad, team owner Gayathri Reddy announced the desperate decision. She said,”Forget about winning any more matches this season, it is as unlikely as an Air India flight taking off on time. So, we want to salvage some pride by winning the Fairplay award. In this respect we decided to rope in VVS Laxman as skipper who embodies decency and  this could have a lot of impact on the perception of umpires and referees about the team,thereby improving our chances of winning the award.”

But it isn’t going to be easy for DC as they are placed fourth on Fair Play list with Rajasthan Royals occupying the first place. With only another 3 matches to be played, they can only hope that Rahul Dravid suddenly decides to yield the captaincy to Shane Watson.

While reporters chipped away with inflammatory questions, Gayathri Reddy took a quote from the Congress president and said ” It seems to be almost fashionable these days to criticise the Deccan Chargers. We must not allow this to deflect us.  We must  play peacefuly and with confidence on what we have achieved and there is much we have to show despite difficult  times.”

Asking the team members  to draw lessons from the Rajasthan Royals, she said, “We must all shed all manner of ungentlemanly behaviour, and fight as one disciplined team at all levels. That will be the single-most important factor to decide whether we win or lose.”

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

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This is not gud! Even if the facts are made up, u can’t write like this. This is like, u guys disrespecting DC and most importantly VVS. These things happen in sport, a team come last in a season and next time they might win. Which doesn’t mean that u need to write such things.

Is this correct news about the appointment of vvs as captain for DC for the rest of the matches

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