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MIT to distribute brooms to the students in Hostels

After its decision to revoke bus service in the campus, the management of MIT took another controversial decision today. In keeping with the current corporate trends of cost-cutting in these recessionary times, some of the housekeeping staff will be diverted to other departments and the students in the hostels will be asked to keep their rooms clean by themselves. In a resolution passed at a meeting today, the proceedings of which ManipalBlog is in possession of, it was decided to give the inmates of the hostels  with brooms and scrub-cloths to clean their rooms.

Self Propelled brooms are the next in things that will revolutionize how the student keeps his hostel room clean!

We’ve also learnt that there will be a special squad examining the cleanliness of rooms and those students who keep their room untidy will be penalized.

The decision is expected to cause huge outrage among the students. The revocation of bus service has already caused huge outrage on the ever popular social networking site, Facebook. The student council of MIT group on Facebook saw posts from outraged students deriding the management’s decision.

One of the students scorned the move by commenting-“The colonel wants us to march.

“Another student wanted the management to distribute a pair of skates to every student so that MIT can churn out a few Olympians. And many other students went nostalgic recollecting the good old days under the former director SS Pabla and expressed sorrow over the current state of affairs in the campus.

Vindicating the management’s latest moves, Chief Warden of MIT said, “After I took over, I have seen a very unhealthy lifestyle here in Manipal. So I decided to promote healthy lifestyle among students with these moves. “The chief warden, who is mostly seen walking in the campus, is a retired army colonel and took over the reins recently. He also expressed his displeasure over the opening of KFC and PizzaHut in Manipal.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

About the Author: This article was sent in by a concerned student of MIT, Manipal. He wishes to remain anonymous to avoid any repercussions.

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Ha ha! After reading just the heading, i thought MIT is planning to start quidditch so that the students reach college on time, as a solution to the discontinuation of the bus service… 

ahahaha!! i have to admit i fell for this 😀 this is too funny to be true

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