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MIT Manipal Foodcourt’s “Pay-fine-for-a-double swipe” system extended to other messes

The controversial “Pay-Fine-For-A-Double Swipe” system that was in place for the past three years at the Manipal Institute of Technology (MIT) Food Court (FC) will be applicable to all other Messes inside the MIT campus come August 1st. This notice was displayed at the FC notice board today! The scheme is said to have generated huge collections over the years and the management decided to introduce the same at all the other messes after they took over them earlier this month.

It also happens due to technical glitches in the machines and without the mistake of theirs,students get penalties ranging from Rs.80-140.

According to the system,a member who swipes his card twice over the machines is liable for a penalty even though extra coupons are not generated.Many a time, the students are unaware of this rule and get penalized. It also happens due to technical glitches in the machines and without the mistake of theirs, students get penalties ranging from Rs.80-140.

“On an average,we get around Rs.500-750 a day.During the first month in odd semester when the freshers arrive, this figure goes up to Rs.1200 as well. Our computer record says that every member tends to double swipe the card at least once. Since the revenues generated are good, our management decided to start this system to the other messes as well” said an employee of the Food Court,who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

As expected,this move met with criticism from students, who’re already seething with anger over the decision of revocation of bus service.

And our sources tell us that this system will be further extended to the access control systems in MIT Library and Innovation Center as well. As to how they will be applicable in those places is however up for debate!

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

About the Author: This article was sent in by a concerned student of MIT, Manipal. He wishes to remain anonymous to avoid any repercussions.

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Its really sad to hear that all the messes at MIT are acquired by FC…
The 9th Block mess was one of the best at 2009……and Rs60/Day was really resonable 

Mit is no good now becoz one student played prank with the teacher all computer science and E.C. children are sitting with no A.C. rooms and on hard bvenches even there is no power backup in the hostels children in that humid atmosphere are without electricity they can’t even sleep.

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