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Moral Police Target Manipal: Mannequins beaten, burnt and Molested!

The moral police has spread its fangs to the university town of Manipal now. Yesterday a group of people, claiming affiliation to an outfit called Bandi Jagarana Vedike, attacked a ready-made textiles store near Shantala Lodge. They vandalized the store, broke the furniture and stripped the mannequins bare.

The mannequins were dragged by their hair and thrown in front of the store. An eyewitness said that some of the goons touched them inappropriately and were apparently seen deriving some amorous pleasure out of it. After this the mannequins were set on fire!

Warning: A Gruesome image of the decapitated head. Reader discretion is advised.


Representative image of the destroyed mannequin

Speaking to reporters, Bandi Jagarana Vedike president Bhima Resti claimed that the attack was carried out because the store showcases skimpily dressed mannequins. He said,”These skimpily-clad mannequins encourage the young girls to dress skimpily.This is against our Indian culture.We vow to protect it even if it means some collateral damages taking place.”

But the store owner denied any obscene mannequins on display. We display latest fashions which appeal to the students in Manipal and so far there is no complaint from anyone until this vandalism happened.

The student community in Manipal is enraged with this act. Speaking to the blogger of Faking Manipal section of ManipalBlog, a student of MIT exclaimed, “These people protecting Indian culture?Bitch,please!!!!”

The police were quick to spring into action. They arrested two persons in connection with the attack. The police commissioner assured the Manipalites that he will see to it that such incidents will not occur in future.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?

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