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OM Xerox Akka to be conferred Honorary Doctorate

OM Xerox Akka, the owner of a xerox shop in MIT, Manipal campus, will be conferred an honorary doctorate by the University. This was announced by the Registrar of the University in a press release earlier today.

The press release contained the following communique –

[quote]”On behalf of the University,I take this opportunity on the occasion of Teacher’s Day to announce an honorary doctorate to OM Xerox Akka, the owner of ‘OM Xerox Center’, in recognition of her ‘services’ to the student community of MIT. We hope this doctorate will serve as an encouragement to her to serve the student community  better.”[/quote]

OM Xerox Akka Manipal
OM Xerox Akka has helped almost the entire MIT Manipal student population graduate with success.

Xerox Akka‘, hailed by students as “a saviour during exams”, is very popular among MIT students as they get almost all the class notes and solutions to assignments in her Xerox shop. You shouldn’t be surprised if you find students who passed out of MIT  just by relying on the Xerox shop without buying even a single text book during the entire course.

As the news broke in MIT campus, many students assembled in front of the Xerox shop and congratulated Akka. We spoke to some students and majority of them expressed happiness over the news.

But one third year student, named Chatur Ramalingam, expressed shock and dismay. Speaking to our blogger, he said, “How can they do this? Is the university discouraging students from taking notes in the class and copying assignments? What about reading text books? If they are serious, they should award doctorate to the owner of Kamath Book Store. Many students wouldn’t disagree with me if I say Mr.Kamath knew more about course books than our professors. He definitely deserves it.”

With a great effort and perseverance, we managed to contact Akka when the celebrations were going on. “I am truly overwhelmed and immensely pleased to be a recipient of such an honor. The recognition of my contribution to MIT students fills me with immense pride and humility. I thank the University for recognizing my services and my beloved students for their unending support,” she said with an elated tone and disappeared into the shop to carry on with her work.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that didn’t you?  

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Considering how many people she’s helped it seems…this article is a tad insulting. Very least, there could’ve been an article on her about how much she has or inputs not a faking news.

Are you sure this article doesn’t praise Akka? At least i found that this is a brilliant article praising her help to students…

Omg ..!!! actually I have done my Pg (Ms) in Mcis .. From my one year experience I can say tat – Yes ofcourse she used to give the notes on student’s demand but the nearby xerox shops too served the students in very same manner.. And I also support the opinion regarding Kammath book stall.. That guy has a vast knowledge about each and every topic present in various text books.. Social service and Knowledge are different ..

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