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Breaking: RBI to replace two-rupee coins with ‘Dairy Milk Shots’

In what could be a great news to shopkeepers, the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) today has announced the replacement of two-rupee coins with ‘Dairy Milk Shots‘ manufactured by Cadbury India Limited.The decision comes in the wake of shopkeepers’ association submitting a memorandum to RBI governor seeking the same.The memorandum explained in detail how shopkeepers faced difficulty when it comes to giving change to customers.

While the old two-rupee coins will continue to be legal tender,there will not be any new minting of two-rupee coins.The press release also says no person can reject either of them.

In an exclusive interview to Faking Moneypal, the financial wing of Faking Manipal, reserve bank governor Dr.Subba Rao said, “We did an extensive study regarding this across the country and came to conclusion that the association’s demand is a proper one. Many a time, customers refuse to accept candies instead of change and sometimes situations escalate into fights. So, we thought of legalizing it and bring relief to shopkeepers who are already fretting over the proposed 100% FDI in retail.”

On being asked why they chose Dairy milk shots in particular, he said, “In our study we found out that shopkeepers generally issued them for two-rupees change and so the decision. We also have plans to phase out one-rupee coins and replace them with ‘milky bar candy’.”

The move by RBI has been slammed by many customers. But the shopkeepers lauded it. Rajnikanth Rao, a shopkeeper at Kamath Circle (KC), Manipal said, “It’s a great decision by RBI. I always do the same. I never give any change under five-rupees. Barring few, many students here never expressed any opposition to it. Now,that it’s legalized, I will try not giving change anything under ten rupees.”

Meanwhile, Cadbury India CEO, Mr. Anand Kripalu, thanked RBI for choosing their brand. He told they will set up new plants all across the nation to meet the demand for their ‘shots’.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  

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its not right way…u r making poor people poorest… and this further importance of coin will decrease,,, RBI n Gov. can say direct that they are not capable of producing coins…

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