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Manipal student pissed as he misses Mahesh Bhatt’s ‘sex talk’; Blames Gandhi posters

While many students of Manipal had a nice time receiving sex gyan from Mahesh Bhatt, one student named Mayank Shetty was pissed off as he missed the sex talk delivered by the veteran Bollywood filmmaker. He blamed the organizing committee for putting up posters of Gandhi and ‘misleading’ people like him.

I thought the talk was about Gandhi and other crap… Had I known this, I’d have gone too – A Student in Manipal on the Mahesh Bhatt’s Inspirational Lecture

“Seeing all those posters,I thought this is about Gandhi and all that peace kind of stuff, so I didn’t care to attend it. But I was shell-shocked when my friend started telling me what happened there. Who the f*** are these organizers?” screamed Mayank interacting with our blogger. If this was not enough, he could hardly control his anger when his friend was bragging about the hot girls he had checked out at the venue. “F***, man!! I didn’t know this old dude is such a chick-magnet,” he lamented.

Mahesh Bhatt was in Manipal today to deliver a ‘motivational lecture’ to the students of Manipal in general and the Manipal Institute of Communications (MIC) students in particular.

Delivering the lecture, Bhatt let out some quotes like, “I learned the hard way in India that only bad people have sex and good people fall in love,” and  “I inhale life and exhale cinema”, which received standing ovation from the audience. Our blogger observed that TOI special correspondent was quick to jot down these quotes.We expect tweaked/truncated versions of these quotes like “Only bad people have sex”, “Sex is for bad people? Mahesh Bhatt says so” in tomorrow’s edition of Mangalore Times.

He also unofficially advised MICians on the strategy to increase the number of hits for The Manipal Journal. A student who is privy to this closed interaction revealed the details of the strategy. He said,”In the meeting, Bhatt sir ridiculed the concept of serious journalism in this age of competition. He asked us to emulate the TOI in drawing people to the site. Soon you can expect headlines like “Oops moments at Cocks n Mocks last night” and “Spotted: Hot girls at Blues n DeeTee” .”

Mahesh Bhatt was also impressed with the life in Manipal. “Heard a lot about life in Manipal where students live for the moment. I wish to make a movie on Manipal after I am done with my projects with Poonam Pandey and Sunny Leone,” he said speaking to media.

Meanwhile,we got some unconfirmed reports that Mahesh Bhatt is going to party with MIC students at Blues today.

P.S: All the facts in this article are made up! But you already knew that, didn’t you?  

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