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Satya Nadella Effect: Internet Explorer made default browser at MIT Manipal

MIT Manipal has decided to honor its most popular alumnus and the current Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella by making ‘Internet Explorer as default browser’ compulsory for all its students.

Internet explorer as default browser
As soon as you log on to your computer the next time, this message will pop up. If you click no, the computer will automatically shut down.

The notice in this regard has been put up on the college notice board. There will be random  checking of laptops by faculty in the campus and not complying with the above rule will result in suspension of their ION account for one week. Repeated violations will lead to confiscation of laptops.

Also the restrictions on usage of mobile phones inside classrooms will be relaxed for users of Windows phones. They can use all the features of their phones except making calls in the class. They will also be provided with unlimited ‘cold milk’ free of cost in MIT Food Court. A proper mechanism to implement this rule will be announced on April 1st.

As soon as the word went around, Nokia Lumia phones, which so far have few takers, saw rise in its prices on Manipal Market and MUTC Facebook pages.

In honor of Satya Nadella, ‘Internet Explorer as default browser’ made compulsory in MIT Manipal campus

As if these aren’t enough, MIT is also planning to hold a separate event in Techtatva 2014 in which there will be cricket contest on XBOX 360. For starters, cricket is Nadella’s favorite game and he credited the game for shaping up his leadership skills.

We at Manipalblog are wondering what triggered MIT management to come up with these gestures. A few days back one of our readers spotted a huge box in front of E&E department with Microsoft logo on it and it smelled of something like sweets. Maybe someone can help us connect the dots.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that. Didn’t you?

The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous too :P

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DeeTee to open Branch in Bangalore

DeeTee, the legendary bar in Manipal, will soon have its Manipal-themed branch in Bangalore. It will be located in Koramangala locality.

The move comes in the wake of intense pressure from Manipal alumni who have been missing the ‘Manipal feel’ ever since they graduated. Explaining the features of new branch, the manager of DeeTee said, “We will create Manipal ambiance inside. Only Manipal alumni and current students will be allowed inside. There will not be any entry fee and the prices will be same as that of Manipal.

Soon in Bangalore! Image Courtesy: Manipal The Talk
Soon in Bangalore! Image Courtesy: Manipal The Talk

The customers are expected to produce some kind of proof that they studied or are studying in Manipal before entering inside.

The tables will be named after legendary places in Manipal like Kamath Circle, KMC Greens, Sutta Point, End Point and Uncle’s Point. Also you can expect stuff like Timmy Anna cocktail, Tiwari Tequila etc. as per the management. Expectedly Manipal alumni in Bangalore are elated.

“I am speechless. All these days I missed Manipal especially DeeTee. Now we Manipalites can show to Bangalore how to be cool by spending just 100 bucks for drinks,” said one Alum who wishes to be anonymous.

The opening ceremony will be in the second week of April and efforts are being made to rope in MIT alumnus and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella as chief guest.

P.S.: All the facts in this article are made up. But you already knew that. Didn’t you?

The author of this article wishes to remain anonymous too 😛

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Manipal runs out of sweets after TCS recruitment

Today we learnt that the town ran out of sweets. This is attributed to TCS recruitment in MIT where large number of students are absorbed by the IT major on Saturday.

All students who are placed reportedly bought sweets to share their success with their faculty who helped them realise their dreams. Though placements happen every year, this is the first time shops in Manipal ran out of sweets.

” Since the start of this semester, I have observed that large number of students are coming here to buy sweets. So we increased our inventory likewise, but today all of a sudden our entire stock was mopped up in an hour.To keep up with the demand I tried to source sweets from neighbouring Udupi and Kaup but still fell short,” said the owner of Amita bakery.

He added a congratulatory note to the students and wished all the best for their future.

Sweets Bakery Puffs
The Amita Bakery was not displaying any sweets when we visited the shop this afternoon. The normally bustling shop wore a deserted look as most customers already saw the empty sweets display.

The nearby Manipal Bakery too did not have any sweets on display.

This shortage has created buzz in the town. It prompted Kasturba Medical College, Manipal faculty to caution their MIT counterparts against eating too many sweets in the placement semester.

It is also heard that the town ran of out booze on Saturday and Sunday but we have no confirmation about this.

P.S. : All facts mentioned in this article are fictitious, but you already knew that! Didn’t you?

The author of this post wishes to remain anonymous.

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FB Wall: Sreesanth in Big Boss 7


There were reports in the media that cricketer S. Sreesanth may make a special appearance in Big Boss – Season 7. And it’s turned out to be true. Sreesanth confirmed the news through his Facebook page. fakewall1


P.S: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction.

But we guess, you already knew that, didn’t you?

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Indian TV soaps: A huge hit with the western audience

Indian TV serials are a big hit these days with the American audience. And taking a cue from these Indian TV soaps, US producers have decided to give their series and movies an Indian feel, and have given them catchy names.

Indian serial’s like “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Pyar Ka Dard Hai Meetha Meetha Pyara Pyara, Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behnaa Hai,” are very popular in the US. The streets are deserted when they are aired on TV and is said to have generated more TRP than some NBA games.

With American’s finding it tough to pronounce these serial names, many universities have started crash courses to help them understand the real meaning of their titles and also to say them correctly. Such is the craze of these serials that, new born baby’s in a Chicago hospital are found to be registered with absurd names such as Pankhudi, Iccha, Khushi Kumari Gupta etc.

The next edition of Spelling Bee Championship committee has decided to have a special round where they will ask kids to spell out the names of these serials. As always, they expect Indian NRI’s to win that round too.

High on TRP in the west
High on TRP in the west

What has struck the Americans is the over the top treatment of these shows. Many American are amazed how a typical female would remain extravagantly dressed up even at a funeral and specially, when she is about to go to bed.

Soon to be married, Carol told reporters,”Even our weddings are a victim of Hindi Serial culture. Earlier American weddings were limited to a wedding, a reception or maybe an engagement ceremony at home. Now my in-laws are planing to have ceremonies which last for seven, eight days.”

” They are out of this world” said Linda, a housewife,”  When I watch a soap, I am always amazed at how so many people can be accommodated in one house. What is even more surprising is how easily room is made for any added member. Do all middle-class Indians live in palaces?”

However, the makers of “How I Met Your Mother” are hugely worried with Indians TV shows being shown in the US. Barny Stinson told faking news,” We were planning to push through as many seasons before Ted’s children could find how their parents met.

We wanted to make our series the longest running in US history. Now we stand no chance, as climaxes for these Indian soaps do not, I repeat, do not exist. They are Legend- keep waiting- they are never ending.” He continued,” The serials clearly defy the laws of physics, and once they are on air, they never come down! ”

The evil jealous sister-in-law, the possessive mother-in-law, the cheating husband, the really dumb but tolerant wifeand it goes on and on and on. The Americans love it, and they say these serials are a better fantasy than even twilight.

P.S: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction. But we guess, you already knew that, didn’t you?

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Funny reactions to the announcement of Modi as PM candidate

After months of deliberations, the BJP finally appointed its charismatic Gujarat leader Narendra Modi as its Prime Ministerial candidate.The announcement was made by BJP chief Rajnath Singh after a meeting of the party’s parliamentary board which was skipped by Advani who expressed “anguish” over the way the party was functioning. The decision has not gone well with the Congress, media and some within the party.

Here are some reactions to the announcement:




RAHUL GANDHI: I am not worried. The Prime Ministers position is just a state of mind. It doesnt exist.

L.K ADVANI: Nahi chodunga PM banne ka armaan, Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan, Jab tak hai jaan.



RENUKA CHOWDARY (tears in her eyes and as irrelevant as ever): Sonia is a symbol of sacrifice. She is our leader. Who is Narendra Modi. Why are you asking my views. I am Congress. Ask the BJP

SONIA GANDHI: We are in trouble now. It’s time for the “Unbiased” news channels to save us!

CNN-IBN: Yes Madamji. So what about the split in the BJP? What about Advaniji’s disappointment towards the decision? What about 2002 riots?

NDTV: Just a day before the announcement, Modi used ABCD  in the rally, and forgets to mention Sanskrit. Another embarrassment to BJP by its poster boy. How do they explain this? Is he the secular face of India?

PRANAB ROY: So the UPA is coming to power again in 2014 🙂

The angry Indian: It’s just Rajnath who has announced Modi for PM. We will only accept it once Arnab makes a statement on the “Newshour”. Please come back soon Arnab.

ARNAB GOSWAMI: Calm down guys. I will be back from leave in couple of days. Wait for my verdict on the matter.



DIGVIJAY SINGH: I think RSS is behind this decision. Well, this time I get it right. 🙂 🙂

NAVJOT SINGH SIDHU: Modiji. Aap toh cha gaye guru.hahahahahahhahahahaha. Thoko taali.


RAVI SHASTRI: With the announcement the scene seems to be set for an exciting clash between Modi and Rahul and you can literally feel the excitement among the Indian crowd. The atmosphere is electric and Modi will be going for the full monty. One just gets a feeling that this is going to go down to the wire. As of now all results are possible. At the end of the elections, politics will be the real winner

SREESANTH: Good decision by the BJP. Time to call my bookies and raise the stakes.

MANMOHAN SINGH(finally speaks): After 2014, I will no longer be custodian of the PM’s chair. Theek Hai.


P.S: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction.

But we guess, you already knew that, didn’t you?

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CNN-IBN’s Sagarika Ghose to do a story on bad condition of Manipal roads on ‘Face The Nation’

In what could be good news to Manipal students, CNN-IBN Deputy Editor Sagarika Ghose has decided to take up the issue of bad roads in Manipal and draw the nation’s attention towards it. This will be discussed on her popular show ‘Face The Nation’ tomorrow. Chairman of Manipal Universal Learning Mohandas Pai is expected to join the show as a panelist.

She tweeted, “Tomorrow on FTN. Doesn’t an international university town like Manipal deserve good roads? What is the Government doing? Tweet or Skype.”

Sagarika Ghose was in Manipal a couple of days back to visit her son who is a student of Manipal University. She was appalled at the state of roads in the town and criticized authorities through her twitter account.

Face The Nation - Sagarika Ghose Manipal

“In Manipal today to visit my son. Great weather but the state of roads is disgusting. Potholes and puddles everywhere. What is Congress government doing?”

When one of her followers reminded that the Congress Govt. is newly elected and those roads were laid during BJP regime, she went ballistic on BJP through a series of tweets.

“One more example how previous BJP  Govt. messed up in Karnataka. Such a pathetic condition of roads in Manipal..So much for ‘party with a difference’..” “Instead of doing NaMo bhajans all the time, internet Hindus should have asked their BJP Govt. to lay good quality roads.”

“Will the present Congress Govt. in Karnataka learn from BJP’s mistakes? Wait and see…”

Students of Manipal expressed happiness over this move by Ghose. “Good to see Sagarika ma’m highlighting our problem. I will tweet her other problems of Manipal too and if ION obliges me, I will use Skype as well,” said one of the students.

After the show, the issue is expected to cause huge outrage in the nation. A few months back, Sagarika Ghose raved about Manipal and was responsible for trending ‘Manipal’ on twitter.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction. 
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?
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Arnab Goswami: Guest lecturer for Manipal Institute of Communication

In a development which has taken the  student community of Manipal by shock,  the University today announced that Editor-in-chief of Times Now Arnab Goswami has been called up to deliver guest lectures at Manipal Institute of Communication. Considering that Rajdeep Sardesai and Sagarika Ghosh have already visited the campus twice and delivered guest lectures, this move to invite the Editor-in-Chief of a rival media network certainly raises many an eyebrow.

Meanwhile, with decibel levels likely to rise to unprecedented levels during his lectures, many residents of Manipal and the surrounding areas have already fled to safer areas. The authorities have warned that anybody residing in a radius of 5 km from the lecture halls, are susceptible to damage to their ears. gos

The students however are the ones left with no choice. Many students today protested outside the administrative office, demanding that the invitation be taken back. While some are in confusion about what they will do to save themselves from the torture, others have already applied for sick leaves and left for their homes.

Although the University has allotted only 3 hours to Arnab, looking at his past reputation there is a feeling that he may end up speaking continuously for 28 hours .

Keeping up his style of journalism, there will also be a special one hour “exclusive” session where scams of the campus such as ragging, weed, late-nights at Blue Waters etc will be broken by Arnab himself and questions will be asked directly to the involved parties. Arnab has promised to give  accused students a good 30 nanoseconds to clarify their stand on the matter. This move has further angered the students.

When our reporters contacted Arnab over the  phone to ask his views on the students’ reaction to his visit, an angry Arnab said,

“Are these students heading  towards a nation of chaos and anarchy? What has happened to our voice as a nation? Why are we becoming a spineless nation? Who is going to give me the answers? I need an answer, the country needs an answer…blah blah blah”, and 28347 such words, before our reporter himself hung up the phone.

But, amidst this, the political class in Delhi including Manish Tiwari, Meenakshi Lekhi, Sanjay Jha, Renuka Chowdary have all welcomed this move and have decided to celebrate the absence of Arnab from the “News Hour”.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction. 
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?



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After Chennai Express and Madras Cafe, its time for Udupi Hotel

Inspired by the success of ” Chennai Express” and “Madras Cafe”, two Udupi hoteliers Vasu Shetty and Varun Kamath have decided to produce their own version of these movies, and have named it “Udupi Hotel”.

Talking to reporters, Kamath said,” As Chennai has showcased its specialties to the world, its time we make use of the popularity of our hotels. Our Masala dosa and Gadbad are popular around the world. So we plan to promote our film based on the reputation of our food.”

Udupi Hotel Shah Rukh Khan Deepika Padukone
Shah Rukh Khan will be playing the role of a Udupi Restaurant waiter, while Deepika Padukone will be playing the role of a Temple priests daughter in the proposed movie.

The movie makers have drawn in Rohit Shetty – who also has his South Indian roots – to direct the movie. SRK will once again be starring opposite Deepika in the leading role, thus aiming to recreate the magic of Chennai Express . In the movie, Deepika will be from a Tulu speaking family of Temple priests, and instead of saying “Bokwass” she will be using words like “yenchina saav“. Popular characters like Dondu, RGV(justtt chiiilll) and Vasooli Bhai will also make cameos in the movie.

Manipal End Point and Kaup beach have been selected as shooting destinations. With Rohit Shetty in directors seat, the makers have promised that along with cars, plates of Idli and Chutney will be made to fly around to keep the feel of the movie alive. Atleast 70 cars and 20 buildings are expected to be blown up during the shooting.

As soon as the name of Rohit Shetty was announced,  the municipality announced Rs. 2 crores towards the destruction relief fund. According to reports, the director even wanted to blow up the Light House in Kaup. But, due to severe opposition from couples, he later dropped the idea.

Hospitals have also been kept on high alert during the screening of the movie, to treat those who suffer from drama overdose.  Those appearing for Physics exams have been strictly prohibited from such a movie, as the laws of physics are expected to go for a toss.

The makers have also promised to serve Idli and Dosa in theatres during screening, doing away with the usual popcorn. They expect the movie to break all previous records.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction. 
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?


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MIT Student builds fully functional flight simulator in 17th Block hostel room

An MIT, Manipal B. Tech student from the department of Aeronautical engineering, has built a fully functional flight simulator in his hostel room.

Dishant Nain, a final year student, from Lucknow, is an aeroplane enthusiast and worked on the project with his best friend. He spent thousands of rupees collecting the necessary parts from various sources, including rummaging through junk. Dishant spent his entire summer holidays inside his hostel room in the 17th Block to build the flight simulator.

flight simulator Manipal

The replica simulator is so realistic that the Institute of Aircraft Maintenance at Mangalore Airport invited Dishant, 21, to give a special lecture on his achievement. He explained that he is able to fly his ‘plane’ just like a real-life pilot.

The simulator has since attracted interest from a variety of major aircraft manufacturers and Gaming developers who want to use it to play out different scenarios.

It is not known what Dishant’s roommate, a student of Printing technology thinks about the huge apparatus now occupying most of the room, but we have learnt that he is now forced to sleep in a small corner of the room.

P.S.: All facts mentioned in this article are Fiction. 
But we guess, you already knew that, didn't you?