A trip to Gokarna

Thursday, April 5th 2012

Mechanical workshops can be very painstaking. You wait along as you repeat the same step at least a dozen times on the work-piece and still the precision gets muffed. I finished my cursory model early and went back for my evening slumber.

Come night and as usual I have my dinner roam around with my tower like friend, Khamba (6’4) and check out ‘ummmsome’ fruits that we never try to buy at KC*.

At night, after all my committed friends had returned, we planned what to do for the extended weekend. After much deliberation, we decided that this time we’d hire a car to Gokarna. The green grass, highlands and the misty seas* were the perfect seduction.

So we snuck out from the hostel on the pretext of taking food. At around 11:30 pm, we reach Syndicate Circle to get ourselves a Gypsy for Rs1500 a night (My roomie, Abhi is an ardent negotiator). We were in total five guys and two girls, Bisleri (she would drink nothing else hence the name) and Ranchi (well obvious reasons!!). Both the girls had used the ‘get in ten o’clock, sign and move out of the hostel to go to Campus store’ trick.

Friday, April 6th 2012

1:00 am-Seven friends, a gypsy, a pack of Maaza*and our beloved Bansal on the guitar, this was our perfect get away. The way to Gokarna as expected had a lot of bends and we did go rather slowly as none of us was an experienced driver. Just after we crossed Turtle Bay, came the road we were all eagerly waiting for- sea at one end and a lake at the other. After much demand by the self-proclaimed romantic, Raghu, we stopped for a while. Even though it was night, it was beautiful. I have always been awed by the vastness of the seas and somehow it gives me a really eerie feeling when I visit one at night. As he had finally got himself a straight road, Abhi was driving at around 90km/hr.

Me along with the five at the back were about to go to sleep when Abhi suddenly rammed the brakes. He was shaking badly. Bisleri, sitting beside him had no clue what had happened. Abhi finally spoke, ‘Guys, I think I killed someone. (His voice was still trembling). She was crossing the road, she suddenly came and I couldn’t brake in time… he almost broke down‘.

‘Where is she?’ I asked. He didn’t reply, he just got down and went to look under the car. When he came back, he told us there was no one there. We blamed it on the sugar rush* and asked Raghu to take the wheel. As we started to pull Abhi’s leg over his hallucinations, we heard a thump.

Raghu had collapsed on the wheel. In front of the wheel was a lady sitting on the bonnet, her dress was wheatish with shades of crimson. She had a pale face and her hands were at either side of the car with her long black hair as a parasol to them. She had an unexplainable pain in her eyes, and yet her face did not express any weariness. In fact it gleamed of sadism. Her laugh was now echoing in our ears; as we tried to fight the trance, she smiled and whispered something that sounded like ‘the next would die and the guilt shall plague you….’

Saturday April 7th 2012

6:00 am- I woke up to see a man dressed as police and my elder sister looking at me. I recognised the KMC student rooms. The officer asked me some questions. Apparently, there was an accident involving a truck that thankfully just clipped us (we were parked in the middle of the highway with no lights) but unfortunately rammed itself in a tree. The driver died on spot. We all were surprisingly and thankfully safe.

We all came back and none had clue about the previous day. We never went to NH 17 again. A while later, our cleaner told us after much trepidation that it is believed that the ghost of a lady roams the highway. Her daughter and husband were killed in an accident. He also added that the accident involved some drunk drivers. They were all college students who were going for their first night out at Turtle Bay. As they were high on adrenaline they tried to race the car on the highway and suddenly lost control. The lady’s family car crashed into a tree trying to avoid them. Not able to bear the tragic loss, she eventually chose to commit suicide by coming in front of a truck on the same highway. Since then there had been many sightings of a lady in blood stained clothes followed by an accident. The peculiar thing about the accident was that there would always be two vehicles involved and the one at fault never had fatalities. The locals later started to proclaim that the ghost believed that the guilt of a murder was a greater punishment than death itself.


*pun intended


‘Social Problem’ Created in Rat World As Busy Rodent Supports Two Others

An experiment in which “class society” among rats was discovered, has recently been revealed by Prof. Shiva Balath of the Psychological Department. The participants in the experiment consisted of three rats, one of which turned out to be a hardworking one, while his two compatriots became parasites, dependent on the first.

“it is a good case for illustrating the behavior of an individual which may, without his intention, have an extreme effect on the social structure.”

The “social problem” was brought about by first arranging a cage so that a rat must needs press a lever in slot machine fashion to get a tiny pellet of food. The food and lever were side by side. Since the rodents didn’t have much work in getting their sustenance, all three learned the trick quite rapidly. This solved, the lever was put on another side of the cage from the food. Although involving more labor, in that the rat had to push the lever, then cross the cage tor his pellet, all three likewise soon learned this maneuver

This much accomplished, Dr. Balath then created his climax, by putting all three rats in the cage together, with the lever still on opposite sides from the food. This meant that the one rat who pushed the lever would lose out on getting any food, since his brethren would already have consumed the pellet by the time he got back across the cage. The first day none dared venture to push the lever, all choosing to hover around the food slot on the chance that some kind deity might give the food anyhow. When once or twice one did push the lever, he consequently lost out altogether. The second day was much the same, but the rats began to grow hungry. By the next they were ravenously so, and all three attacked the food slot, trying to chew it open.

It was not till the fourth day that Rat No. 3 concentrated on the lever, while the other two stuck close to the slot. Apparently having mulled the thing over pretty carefully in his hunger-distraught mind for three days earlier, he cagily banged the lever three times in quick succession, then dashed across just in time to grab the third pellet. This system having proved successful he tried it several times, getting such a kick out of the trick that he sometimes assailed the lever a half-dozen or more times at one fell swoop. It took no less than an hour and a half to satiate his and his parasitic friends’ appetites.

Having gathered together his statistics, Dr. Balath revealed that the lone laborer worked the lever 1,156 times on that eventful day, whereas No. 2 rat tried his luck but thrice, and No. 1 simply ate.

Sentiment was expressed by Professor Mainairy Watt of MCOPS, Manipal that “it is a good case for illustrating the behavior of an individual which may, without his intention, have an extreme effect on the social structure.”

P.S : All facts in this article are made up but you already knew that, didn’t you?